Heavy Metal Magazine - converted into Movies

Heavy Metal magazine became so popular and prominent among readers that that filmmakers were inspired to bring the characters to life. Thus, in 1981 the magazine’s serials were converted into an animated film. The film took 3 years to complete and was made with a budget of $9,300,000. It was one of the highest budget films of those years with graphic excellence, nudity and violence - a combined form of adult entertainment. While the magazine had a controlled version of sex, nudity and violence in it, the movies displayed them in an enhanced manner by tying up desperate stories, mixing up the frames and blending various animation houses together. The film hit the box office with a good response from its fans. However, there was some problem with the music rights and this delayed the release of videos.

Heavy Metal DVDs

Adolescent male sexual fantasies have no limits. They are on the look out for something that will quench their passion and answer their queries constantly. Targeting such audiences, the Heavy Metal movie was released in 1981. While the magazine itself was known to provoke masturbating teens and adults, the movie further added to its effectiveness. Though the movie was based on the episodes of the magazine, they were a bit disjointed. The stories were neither related to each other nor did they have any connection. Different animators from all over the world created the virtual effects, graphics and animation but do not have equal impact on all classes of viewers. For adults, it may have just been a movie but adolescents claim it to be a glowing embodiment of sex knowledge and entertainment. The science fiction and adventures shown in the movie were heavy enough to induce male libidos, but from an artistic point of view, one has to compromise his views to rank it in a high position.